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Gianni Kazakis 

b. 1998 in Detroit, MI, USA

Currently living in Chicago, IL, USA.

Gianni Kazakis (b. 1998) is a Greek-American visual artist. His work examines the color experience as it relates to human-defined consciousness within the context of color psychology. He received a BFA with highest honors and a fully funded scholarship from the Florence State Academy of Fine Arts in Italy. Kazakis has participated in exhibitions both nationally and internationally and has collaborated with a diverse range of regional and national institutions, as well as non-profit organizations.

Throughout his work, he uses monochrome as a key to unlocking human emotions under the phenomenological approach of color. His environment re-creations suggest how the extraordinary can be staged and transformed from the ordinary, serving as a scenographic device for self-understanding and self-realization. Most of his work remains untitled and is given a unique serial number instead. This approach allows viewers to question their role in space uninfluenced by a title; are we casual or actively engaged observers? As a Greek-American who grew up in a religious and conservative environment, this question was of utmost importance to him. As a result, he tries to push the boundaries of observers to question what they are actually seeing through a color experience. He counters viewing entropy by introducing a subtle monochrome order to chaotic emotions. Inspired by color psychology, he leaves enough space for viewers to create their own reality.


Cell/WhatsApp: +30 6955718182​



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